10 eateries for true cheese fans. Part 1

It’s not just about hand-made cheese and wine here though – you can also order delicious bread, veggies, and amazing pasta modifications.

Cheese fans know top quality cheese is something worth spending time and money. But, to save your time, we have prepared 10 great eateries around the world, that will inspire your next gastronomic tour. Follow up!

Astier restaurant, Paris, France

This eatery is actually not about including cheese in each dish, and it doesn’t have a cheese store either, but we still recommend it. Why? Anything cooked here is very tasty, and served in a pleasant and considerate way. As for cheeses, here you can finally try all sorts you see on the menu, which will remove the necessity of making that hard choice. Simply go with Astier’s well-known cheese plate. You will be served an impressive plate covered with thick slices of fine French fromage. Enjoy the tastes you’ve been longing to try.

Bar Pastoral, Chicago, USA

Pastoral owes a few restaurants and retail points of sail in Chicago city, and they are all famous for the gorgeous wine and cheese. True cheese lovers ought to choose Bar Pastoral located in the Lake View community, for a fulfilling cheese experience. Why exactly this place when the chain has showier restaurants? Because of a wider cheese range of course. Here, such specialties as Croatian Dalmatinac mixed cheese with aromatic herbs, delicious starters, and boards to share can be savored in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Pastoral’s waiters are well informed and eager to share their knowledge with curious guests. Another benefit the bar offers is brunches.

Astier restaurant

Astier restaurant


Beppe and His Cheeses, Rome, Italy

There is a cheese store there too, but you can’t miss the small restaurant with eight tables that’s inside. This place will give you one of the best cheese stories in Italian capital. It’s not just about hand-made cheese and wine here though – you can also order delicious bread, veggies, and amazing pasta modifications, such as spinach and house-produced ricotta. If you come here in fall, during Italian truffle season, expect flavorful chips every now and then. But independently of the time of the year, try your best to have enough space for the incredible chocolate dessert.

Casellula, New York City, USA

This is a hidden piece of quiet and coziness in the dynamic central part of Manhattan borough, just eight blocks away from popular Broadway shows welcoming customers until 1 a.m., 7 days a week. With more than forty sorts of handmade cheese from different corners of the planet, Casellula stands out thanks to its macaroni&cheese and a “Pig’s Ass”-named sandwich containing ham, shredded barbecued pork and cheddar cheese. Local cheese proficients are eager to help you make the right choice.

Beppe e i Suoi Formaggi
Beppe e i Suoi Formaggi


The Cheese Bar, London, UK

Great Britain’s eating out setting is considered one of the best in the world, and its cheese scene is wonderful as well. Why do we prefer The Cheese Bar? This small bar located in Camden market will pamper you with traditional cheese dishes and local specialties containing the best English cheeses. Take a sit and enjoy your pick! The menu boasts a gorgeous platter of locally produced cheeses as well as more tasty options such as Swiss raclette that comes with salt-cured beef. Braver foodies may like the Scotch egg cooked accompanied with haggis and washed rind cow's milk cheese. Others can choose from a wide selection of tastiest grilled cheeses that are constantly ranged as top products in the city.

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