10 adrenaline experiences to find in Spain

Just strap yourself under a parachute and take a leap from a cliff, either with a qualified instructor or on your own.

It doesn’t matter what kind of extreme activity you prefer, be it something involving height, speed or deep waters, Spain has all kinds of adrenaline options for a fun time. We have asked locals and selected 10 great things you can try on your next vacation.

River zip wire

A really fast – we mean 80 km per hour – zip wire across Guadiana will not only provide a screaming experience, but also take you to another country. More than that, crossing the border of Portugal, you will find yourself an hour back thanks to this unusual time machine.

Kiteboarding in Cádiz

Located in the south Spain, Tarifa is a must-visit for all lovers of kitesurfing offering large beaches and numerous surfing schools as well as the world’s top instructors making this entertainment available to all skill levels.

Paragliding in Tenerife

This is a chance to admire the local amazing landscape. Just strap yourself under a parachute and take a leap from a cliff, either with a qualified instructor or on your own, to have an unforgettable solo experience. The volcanic scenery is truly picturesque and unique.

Climbing rocks in north Spain

Climbing rocks in north Spain


Climbing rocks in north Spain

The Picos de Europa mountain range seems a little hidden as opposed to other climbing destinations, making it an ideal option for rocks without crowds, if less people around is your liking.

Heli-skiing between Spain and France

For those who find classical skiing trite and boring, there is a good alternative. Heli-skiing is legal in very few countries, and Spain is on the list. This extreme activity involves throwing yourself from a helicopter and landing for an off-piste ski ride. Different companies running in the Pyrenean heart provide the fun activity.

Off-road biking is Castril

Located in the province of Granada, Castril village offers adrenaline-infused mountain biking. All skill levels will find something suitable – from easy rides in the valley to risky adventures in the mountain saddles and peaks.

Underwater diving in the Mediterranean Sea

The Illes Medes are a protected area formed by seven small islets boasting clear waters as well as curious sea life. This place is known as one of the best diving destinations in the Mediterranean.

Travelling in canyons of Sierra de Guara

Underwater diving in the Mediterranean Sea

Underwater diving in the Mediterranean Sea


You can get one of the top canyoning experiences in Europe in Aragon. Local hosts have different trips for both families – those are safer ones – and expert visitors. The most popular destinations are Monte Perdido and Gorgas Negras. The former offers falls of up to sixty meters high for technical jumps and big drops while the latter has a reputation for amazing beauty and impressive length.

The running of the bulls

Encierro takes place every summer July 6 to 14 in Pamplona, Navarre. This event involves running in front of a cattle group that usually consists of six to ten bulls. Hundreds of participants take part in this risky chase full of adrenaline, without mentioning dozens getting injured either by the animals or in the cram.

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